Turn your ideas and developments into valuable assets

That’s why we developed the Legal Tech solution for real time in-situ protection of intangible assets in 177 countries

Automated process We work with the disk to protect the files you add to the ireg folder Protected file Storages We work with cloud storages and you can choose a convenient service rate Learn about pricing plans Focus on your product Keep working on your product without worrying about copyright. Leave the copyright protection to iREG. Connect iREG

Quick copyright registration of your product

"Copyright has no value" - ignorants about copyright.

It is up to you whether to give away your profits to competitors. But if you want to protect your product here is a robust solution:

1. Enter the title and your country. Add the file, authors of the project and copyright holders.

2. Choose payment method

3. We send you a copyright certificate and you get access to your account.

Protect your file with copyright



Payment method

Let’s change your life today with IREG’s smart solution.

Show it to others, don't be afraid of theft

You won’t be afraid of somebody stealing your results, because you have your copyright protected.

Copyright is established at the moment of creation, but the main problem is to catch that moment. If you have signed a contract, how can one be sure that the result or asset is appropriately identified? IREG catches form and time of creations, producing signed evidence with e-signature so it could be applicable in law.

There is no dependence on working hours

You won’t waste your time waiting in line for somebody to submit your request in working hours.

3am on Sunday - a perfect time to obtain copyright even by mobile phone. IREG guards your creation whatever and wherever it might be. To obtain copyright, you only need to link your file storage. No need for authorization, waiting in line to fit in someone else's working hours for days. The Solution works 24 hours every day and all you need is a 2 mb internet connection.

We keep the proof for 70 years

You won’t be stressed with repeated extensions, as we keep evidence for 70 years, so your children could value your legacy.

We know how to form evidence for government authorities and court procedure and keep it safe and sound. That’s why we issue copyright certificates for 70 years, storage certificates and submit them to government authorities in every country we operate on request without any additional fee.

Connect your storage and keep working

You won't have to monkey around typing data into numerous fields, as we link directly to the storage to protect everything you’ve created without wasting your time.

Now, you can dedicate yourself to work. No need for manual data input and file upload. Link your favorite storage (Google, Yandex or Git) to obtain copyright on every asset you have created, and assets created for you.

Top 7 mistakes in copyright protection

We establish assets from creative and science results, so anybody can found capital and legacy without spending a fortune and years to obtain protection, wasting assets because of delays.

IREG uses established technologies for dating and signing documents and methodology to establish assets (eSignature), which is applicable by UNCITRAL Model Law.

How can I use IREG in my legal operations?


As an Author you can obtain a copyright certificate when you need it, without facing the risk of failure in copyright protection because of time restrictions. Copyright certificate is not a publication so you can get a copyright without publishing your result. Get your certificate before exposure so nobody can take it from you without legal issues. A copyright certificate states that you hold as an author and no one can get your benefits and raise money on your asset.


As a Rightsholder you can get copyright on every asset your team creates and it is fair because you have paid for it. IREG in a legal operation software you can use to form assets eliminating the human factor, time and paper wasting procedures. You still need a lawyer, patent attorney and accountant but don’t waste their time and your money on routine procedures.


As an expert, you can free yourself from routine operations wasting 30% of your time and be paid more, focusing on value for your clients. IREG in a legal operation software you can use to form assets eliminating the human factor, time and bureaucratic paper wasting procedures. Provide clients results they desire with a timesaving solution and reduce paper work you have been used to. IREG is a smart tool for inventory, grant reports, balance sheet and evidence disclosure. You do your best as professionals – IREG does its best to save your time and automate routine. As a benefit you can minimize communications. So you can save your time, communicating on topics of more interest.

We form intangible assets for leading organisations, helping them to obtain competitive advantage.

We are building a long-term partnership with those who believe in technological development and the economy of creation:

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