We do believe that all the world’s prosperity is created by the power of human intelligence. Therefore, we ask ourselves how can we help people and companies around the globe to reveal their intellectual potential and earn on it, in order to live in a world of innovations?

That's why we guide rightsholders to a creative economy where copyright is protected worldwide from pirates and developed the Legal Tech solution for real time in-situ protection of intangible assets in 177 countries.

Our goal is to provide everyone in 177 countries with access to a system that formalizes proof of authorship and intellectual property protection so that people and companies can create intellectual capital and gain profit.

Every day our multinational team and partners network focused on making the future we believe into reality. A world in which everyone can earn on his work is almost here and we have everything to bring our mission to life. So the most important thing right now is to give information to those who really need it, who face the appropriation of their work, whose design is copied in online games, who sees the slogans he invented in the customer’s advertising, although they didn’t get paid, who faced the departure of the developer taking the code away or founder who lost a customer database with a sales manager departure.

All these people deserve to know that they create valuable assets and be aware of technology to protect and use them. Tell them that it is possible, let them leave their trace in cultural heritage, because all the world’s prosperity is created by the power of human intelligence.

You have got everything to create, the IREG takes care of the rest.

Tell us your story and maybe we can provide you value and benefit.

Sing contact form, and we contact you to show how it works and answer all questions related to the service.

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