The terms of this end user license agreement govern the relationship between you as a User and IREG, Inc. regarding your use of IREG websites and related services, including all information, text, graphics, software, and services, available for your use.

By using this website and the services offered on it, downloading any software, or browsing the website, as well as by downloading any of IREG products and services from app stores, you accept the following EULA. If you do NOT agree to all these EULA, please do NOT use http://ireg.com and/or download any of our products.

IREG is authorized to amend the EULA at any time, with the amended EULA coming into effect as soon as they are posted on this website. Please check the most current EULA to ensure that you are aware of all the terms and conditions regulating your use of this website and IREG Products and Services. Beyond the Russian Federation company ALL U NEED DOT COM LIMITED assigned as the Administrator of ireg.pro website and services as well as payment operations and held as fully representative of IREG Inc.

IREG reserves the right to make changes to or update the content of the website and its games or the format thereof at any time and without any notice. IREG reserves the right to terminate or restrict access to the website for any reason whatsoever at its sole discretion.


"IREG" shall mean corporation, providing access to Site and Service.

"Site" shall mean the Ireg.pro website.

"Product" or "Products" shall mean programs and applications provided by Ireg Inc.

"Service" or "Services" shall mean the IREG services, including but not limited to the timestamping of digital data, the verification of digital data, the issuance of a document certifying that digital data existed at a particular time.

"User" shall mean any person who uses/relies on the Service, including a subscriber (legal or natural person to whom a timestamp, a document or other product is issued) and a relying party (recipient of a timestamp, a document, or other product who relies on the timestamp, document or other product).

"Digital File" shall mean any digital data that the User requests to be timestamped by the Service.

"IREG Folder" shall mean a digital folder created at the moment of connection of Storage to IREG.

"Storage" shall mean space where Digital Files are placed or deposited, by default in IREG Folder.

"Personal Data" shall mean data related to an identified or identifiable individual.

"Administration" shall mean a person, responsible for Site operations, performing the many daily tasks required to maintain the website. Website administration involves managing user accounts, web software, web servers, web security, log analysis, content, and more. Administration accept requests on [email protected]

«Subscription» is a service for bulling regular automatic transfers of funds from the Cardholder's Bank card to IREG for the goods / services provided on the basis of the previously given acceptance of the Cardholder, in accordance with the tariffs and options specified on the IREG website.

«Cardholder» is an individual who gives an automatic debiting of the Bank-Acquirerin accordance with the previously established schedule of recurring payments from the Bank card on behalf of the User in favor of IREG using the «Recurring Debit Service».

«Bank card» - a payment or credit card issued by the Bank, which is a non-cash settlement instrument, intended for the Cardholder to perform transactions with funds in the Cardholder's bank accounts with the Issuing Bank, or with funds provided by the Issuing Bank on credit to the Cardholder in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the bank account agreement, or within the established limit, in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement between the Issuing Bank and the Cardholder, provided that such payment or credit card can be used by the Cardholder for payment for IREG Services. Payment for the IREG Services in accordance with this Agreement is possible with Bank cards of VISA International, MasterCard International payment systems, registered in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the issuing bank establishes the possibility of using specific types of VISA International and MasterCard International cards.

«Issuing Bank» - a credit institution that issues Bank Cards, as well as settlements for transactions performed using Bank Cards.

«User Acceptance» - the User's unconditional agreement with the terms of this Agreement

«Processing center» - Bank: POINT OF PJSC BANK "FC OPENING" BIC: 044525999 City: Moscow Correspondent account: 30101810845250000999 R / account: 40702810602500074519

Acceptance of Terms

By using the Site and the Service, Users are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. In the event of any violation of Terms of Use, Administration may block or terminate access of the User to the Service.

User Requirements

The User must be at least 16 years old to access and/or use IREG website. If you are a minor over the age of 16, we recommend to obtain consent from a parent or legal guardian before accessing and/or using our website.

The User must create an Account before using certain Services. As part of the process, the User will be asked to choose a login name and a password. The User may not use an account of another entity or person. The User may not disclose or share his/her access credentials for any unauthorized purposes. The User agrees to notify Administration of any unauthorized disclosure of his/her login information. The User will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her login information.

Usage of the Service is regulated by and maintained and enforced by IREG through “User Agreement.” You are entirely responsible for knowing, understanding, and abiding by User Conduct. The User Conduct rules are not exhaustive, and IREG reserves the right to determine which conduct is considered to be outside and to take disciplinary measures, including the termination and deletion of user accounts, prohibiting user from using the Service in whole or in part. User Conduct governs all aspects of your interaction with the Products and Services, including, without limitation, selecting an in-game name, posting messages, interacting with other users, and otherwise accessing the IREG.

User Agreement:

1. For the User it is forbidden to / Users are not allowed to:

  • Transmit or post any content or use language deemed to be offensive at IREG sole discretion, including, without limitation, content or language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable, nor may you misspell or use an alternative spelling to circumvent or attempt to circumvent the content and language restrictions listed above;
  • Post and/or make available to the public any other user’s personal information in the IREG system and/or any Products and Services without that user’s written consent, but users may transfer their own personal information to their representatives or third parties for further usage in IREG;
  • Violate the contractual, personal, intellectual property, or other rights of any party, or promote or constitute illegal activity;
  • Improperly use IREG support services, including without limitation submission of false reports of abuse or misconduct by any party;
  • Disable, interfere with, or circumvent any security feature of the IREG or any feature that restricts or enforces limitations on the use of or access to the Products and Services;
  • Engage in cheating or any other fraudulent activity deemed by IREG;
  • Use or take part in the use of any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service;
  • Share your password or any credentials you may use to access your Account with anyone;
  • Purchase, sell, rent, or give away your Account, or otherwise make available your Account to any third party; create an Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of any other person.
  • Attempt to represent any other individual or entity, without their explicit , consent when using the Service or creating an Account.
  • Disrupt the Service or interfere with servers connected to the Service. The User shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service, including through the use of another User’s account or using any other method not provided by Administration.
  • Attempt to process any data in the Service that contains malware or any other program code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the Service.

2. The User is obliged to:

  • Ensure the accuracy of the information he or she provides to Administration and ensure that the information is updated whenever necessary. IREG does not control/endorse the veracity of the information provided by the User.
  • Assume sole responsibility as a right holder for the content of the Digital File submitted to the Service.
  • Assume sole responsibility for third person agreement prior to use personal data in the Service.

Obligations of Administration

  • Administration shall operate the Service in accordance with the Timestamping Policy and Practice Statement.
  • Administration shall take all necessary measures, listed in the Timestamping Policy and Practice Statement, to ensure maximum availability of the Service. The Service may be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. Information about service unavailability or maintenance is published on the Site when possible.
  • Administration shall publish a notice on the Site for all Users before changing the scope of the Service or closing the Service.
  • In case of termination of support in the country, the administration transfers the data to a collective management organization or other public authority authorized to store data, and also provides users with a sufficient amount of data for independent use of electronic evidence confirming the copyright registration of the works.
  • Monitor the quality of the services provided by IREG partners and remain responsible for maintaining the partner network and ensuring communication through the message system within the service of personal accounts.


Copyrights, trademarks, and all other proprietary rights mentioned in the content (including, but not limited to, software, services, text, graphics, and logos) are reserved to IREG and protected by international copyright laws. You agree not to copy, republish, modify, download, distribute, license, sublicense, reverse engineering, or create derivatives based on the Site, its software, or its services except as explicitly authorized herein. Except as otherwise provided, the content published on this website and/or in the app stores may be reproduced or distributed in unmodified form for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use of the content, including, without limitation, distribution, reproduction, modification, display, or transmission, without the prior written consent of IREG is strictly prohibited. All copyright and other proprietary notices shall be retained on all reproductions.

IREG disclaims all proprietary interests in its intellectual property rights other than its own. References to third-party services and software are given by IREG "AS IS," without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Timestamp Type and Usage

The hashing algorithms accepted for representing the Digital File to be timestamped is SHA256.

The estimated life span of the digital signature used for the Service depends on the hashing algorithm and the signing algorithm used, and the length of the private key. Currently, this life span is estimated at 10 years.

Administration ensures that its clock is synchronized with UTC within the accuracy of 1 second (or less).

Timestamping logs are stored on the appropriate system(s) and retained for at least 70 years.


IREG confirms that the Service conforms to the requirements of the eIDAS regulation, ETSI standards as well as other industry best practices for information security.

Payment Policy

Any individual Services may be paid for . The fees are posted on the Site, unless otherwise explicitly noted. Administration may modify the fees at any time at its sole discretion. Any of such modifications shall take effect immediately, unless otherwise provided.

Except in the case of excess payment, fees, once paid, shall not be refunded to the User. In particular, Administration shall not reimburse any unused part of a service bundle. Intellectual Property Rights/ Use of Name and Logo.

No intellectual property rights of the User shall be transferred to Administration by any use of the Service. The User retains intellectual property rights he/she has in the Digital File. The user does not have the right to use the IREG name, logo or abbreviation, unless it was expressly authorized by IREG in written form or carried out by placing a security mark on the user's content in the form of the recommended graphic elements "IREG PROTECTED".

Availability Terms

IREG is responsible for maintaining the health of the servers within the framework of the availability of server infrastructure. IREG is not responsible or is not considered a default for any delays, malfunctions or interruption of the Service that occurred directly or indirectly for any reason or circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Use of the Service is the sole responsibility of the User. Before relying on the Service, the User should study the risks and obligations associated with the use of the Service.

Description of the "subscription" service and the method of its activation

1. "Subscription" service allows the User to pay for IREG Services (activation of Standard, Pro, Premium licenses for a set period of 1 month or 1 year) by means of regular automatic transfers of funds in favor of IREG from Bank cards or bank account. Activation (connection) of the Subscription Service involves the following actions:

1.1 In the Personal Account and on the Supplier's Website, the User selects the "Payment" section; The user chooses to pay for the next payment and ticks the box next to the item "Automatic renewal of the tariff from the card/bank account" and / or "Remember the card/bank account for quick payments", agreeing with this Agreement for the use of the Service "Subscription" and clicks the "Pay" button. Service "Subscription" is connected only for the Bank card/Bank account registered by the User.

1.2 Registration of a Bank card/Bank account: The User enters the data of his Bank card on the WEB-page for entering payment data; Service action "Subscription"

2.1. After connecting the Service "Subscription", funds will be transferred from the Bank Card/Bank account in the time and amount necessary for the proper fulfillment of the User's obligations in accordance with the policy of the Agreement.

2.2. Direct billing is carried out by the Issuer Bank on the basis of the User's prior consent to such a write-off in the amount and within the time period specified by the User. A request for a transfer of funds with an indication of the transfer amount to the Issuing Bank is submitted by the Bank and the Processing Center within the framework of the agreements concluded with the Supplier. When registering an account as a means of payment, the subscription service issues invoices for payment 15 days before the end of the paid period.

2.3. At one point in time, the User can activate (connect) the Service "Subscription" only for one Bank card of the payment system Visa (Visa Inc.), MasterCard or Maestro (MasterCard International Inc.) or other providers for 1 storage.

2.4. IREG does not store or process the data of the Users' bank cards, as well as other personal data of the Users, providing only requests to the Processing Center and the Bank for the repeated operation of the User's bank card.

2.5. IREG does not guarantee the possibility of carrying out transactions with a Bank Card.

2.6. The User guarantees that he is the Holder of the bank card, deliberately, correctly and completely enters all the required details of the Bank card when activating (connecting) the "Subscription" Service.

2.7. Performing the actions provided in clause 1.1. Of the Agreement is recognized as an analogue of the User's handwritten signature.

2.8. Connection of the Service "Subscription write-offs", in the manner prescribed by this Agreement for the use of the service, is carried out only if the technical capabilities of IREG, the Processing Center, the Bank, the Issuing Bank are available. IREG, the Processing Center, the Bank are not responsible for the impossibility of connecting the Service " Subscription".

2.9. IREG has the right to amend this Service User Agreement by notifying the User in writing in advance either by any other available means, including by e-mail indicated in the Agreement by the User, or by posting information on the IREG Website. Disabling the Service "Subscription write-offs"

3.1. Disconnection (refusal) of the User from the Service "Subscription write-offs" occurs:
A) In the "Personal Account" the User selects the "Payment" section.
B) Presses the "Disable automatic renewal" button. At the same time, the funds transferred from the Bank Card before the User is disconnected (refused) from the Service "Subscription" for the Services are not returned to the User, and access to the capabilities of the Selected License is lost at the end of the current paid period.

3.2. In case of insufficient funds on the Bank Card account for making a transfer, IREG has the right to repeat the request for debiting funds from the Bank Card. Restrictions when using the Service "Subscription Debt"

3.3. If the payment was made as a result of auto-renewal, the User can contact the Administrator within 5 days from the date of the last payment and freeze the service of the renewed License for subsequent use at a convenient time for the User.

4.1. The procedure for making payments depends on the issuing bank. The transition to the "Payment" page is possible only if the User has an Internet connection, regardless of the current state of the account.

Privacy Policy

IREG is committed to ensure the highest level of protection of Personal Data. Personal Data processed by IREG is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Principles adopted by the United Nations High-Level Committee on Management at its 36th meeting in October 2018.

Personal Data of the User is collected, processed, and stored in a fair and legitimate manner, for the sole purpose of providing and/or improving the Service. Under no circumstances, is Personal Data of the User used for any other incompatible purpose.

Appropriate technical measures are implemented by IREG to protect the security of Personal Data of the User, including measures against unauthorized or accidental access, damage, or loss. IREG may transfer Personal Data to a third party provided that the third party itself maintains appropriate protection for the Personal Data.

Personal Data of the User is only retained for the time that is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.

IREG ensures a policy of transparency regarding the processing of Personal Data, as appropriate. The User may have access to Personal Data and may be granted the opportunity to rectify it, object to its processing, or request its deletion, insofar as the purpose for which Personal Data is processed is not frustrated violated. Any request in relation to the Personal Data must be submitted to “IREG PROTECTED” explicitly specifying the reasons of said request.

IREG uses cookies to offer visitors an improved browsing experience. IREG may use web analytics products to collect various information regarding browsing of the Site, in particular the IREG Account login name, information about the Internet Protocol address of the visitors, the time spent on the Site, and which of its web pages are browsed, or the time and date of the visit. The visitors may, depending on their web browser, delete cookies at any time and/or make general settings regarding the acceptance, rejection and deletion of cookies. However, this may render certain features of the Site unavailable. Modifications

Legal Regulation

IREG may modify the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion. Any modifications will be published on the Site. Users shall be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any such modifications. Unless stated otherwise, modifications shall take effect immediately following the publication of the new Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Settlement of Disputes / Applicable Law

Any dispute between IREG and the User arising out of or relating to the Service that cannot be resolved by negotiation shall be submitted to conciliation in accordance with the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules. The place of conciliation shall be place, related to local Administration office. The language to be used in the conciliation shall be English.

If, and to the extent that any such dispute has not been settled pursuant to the conciliation, it shall, upon the filing of a Request for Arbitration by either party, be referred to and finally determined by arbitration in accordance with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. There shall be a sole arbitrator. The place of arbitration shall be a place, related to local Administration office. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. The Parties shall be bound by any arbitration award rendered as a result of such arbitration as the final adjudication of such a dispute.

These Terms of Use & Privacy Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with their own terms, and any matter which is not expressly addressed in these Terms of Use & Privacy Policy or which requires interpretation will be resolved by reference to general principles of public international law.

IREG shall not have any responsibility, obligation or liability whatsoever with respect to any disputes between the User and a third party that may arise in relation to the use of the Service.

Contact Information

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