We do believe that all the world’s prosperity is created by the power of human intelligence. Therefore, we ask ourselves how can we help people and companies around the world to reveal their intellectual potential and earn on it in order to live in a world of innovation?

Our goal is to provide everyone in 177 countries with access to a system that formalizes proof of authorship and intellectual property protection so that people and companies can create intellectual capital and gain profit.

In order to do this, we are building relationships with partners around the world in all countries that have signed the Berne Convention.

Attorney partner offer

Our solution relates to the field of Legal Tech, a business process for automating workflow related to copyright registration. We solve the problem of forming evidence in relation to the results of intellectual activity (copyright objects).

We do not provide legal advice, litigation, patent pending and counterfeit activity (but we have a special tool for copyright infringement web search in the sphere of design), therefore, we are building an affiliate network of reliable partners to whom we transfer the requests of our clients in the country of presence.

By joining an affiliate network, you receive not only payments under the affiliate program, but also a source of customers who are interested in your services in different countries.

Attorneys use IREG as an important element of automation in the process of providing the following services to their customers:

Contract work

The copyright is the subject of the contract. Signing a contract is not enough, as you need to identify the object which was created and attach it. Instead of printing the result and burning it on the disk, you can attach a certificate of registration or a link to the file. This will ensure the transfer of the result of work from the contractor to the customer without paperwork and prevent clients from losing results along with the dismissal and illness of the secretary.

IP due diligence

When the task of conducting a due diligence arises, the lawyer and the auditor have a problem of accounting for the data that the client provides. Usually this is a huge number of files or documents in paper form, because the client stores them like that. The auditor has to spend dozens of hours to figure out this array, which affects the term.

Instead of doing that time wasting procedure an attorney could directly connect to the clients repository and get all the information required, without interfering workflow.


When a copyright dispute arises, the court requires written evidence. The lack of evidence may cause the loss of the litigation, so you should prepare for the trial in advance. Using IREG as a tool means for you that all client documents will be under control, and the documents are correctly executed.

Patent pending,

The client is not always ready to file a patent application, sometimes the engineering solution is in the process and requires updating. In order to protect the interests of the client, it is worth thinking about copyright protection of blueprints, design, as well as the text of the patent formula. This will provide the client with pre-patent protection so that after completion of work, you won’t waste your time analyzing the documentation and could obtain the latest version of the document, which will become the basis of the patent application


Developer companies find it difficult to determine the boundary between their own and custom development, so state lawyers use IREG to clearly define the boundary of rights that belong to a developer company from rights that a customer can claim. Since the development is ongoing, and updates are constantly being carried out, using IREG as a tool for obtaining rights allows you to have proof of the rights of the development company to develop at any time, which makes it impossible for the customer to assign custom development of all the code

Scaling a business through a franchise network

The business model, design, style, and in some cases the recipe are no less important elements than the trademark. In fact, only protection of these elements prevents the franchisee from borrowing everything and changing the sign. The classic franchise agreement protects only the sign.

Offer your customers something exclusive - complete brand protection from copying, which will make copying a business impossible by simply replacing a trademark. For this, the lawyer draws up the rights to the elements of the brand and corporate identity in IREG, and then attaches to the contract a list of security documents. Thus, even if the violator does not use the trademark, but uses everything else, he will be responsible or will have to abandon any use of elements of style and brand.

Developer Partner

We insern IREG functionality in any processes with valuable content.

IREG is the point of creating value at which data becomes an asset, so we successfully integrate into any value chain in a creative economy.

To simplify the work with the service as much as possible, we have developed an API that will integrate IREG functionality into your IT infrastructure.

This workflow is often chosen by storage facilities, content providers, saas developers for business and asset accounting, accounting systems, freelance exchanges and all who need to constantly perform many repeated operations.

Accelerators, incubators, sites, hackathons and R&D centers.

We are dedicated to technological development and know that nothing contributes to development more than certainty. That is why using IREG helps a startup at the very beginning of the journey. This is an excellent measure of support, which is provided by us on favorable terms, because we share your responsibility for the safety of the project assets in the early stages.

Every 3d Startup reports their fears of losing the asset (code and design) in case of a conflict within the team, due to contract errors during custom development for the customer or custom development.

The lack of a tool for working with assets in the early stages closes the attraction of seed investments for many startups because they cannot show the technology. In addition, it is for this reason that startups avoid participating in corporate accelerators.

Use our solution to remove the fears of startups, the expertise and knowledge of our professionals in order to make their first step safe.

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