How is it differs from patent pending?

Copyright protects the form and expression. The patent protects functionality. It is often difficult to draw a line between them, so a good idea is to protect copyright first, because copyright comes up right away, you just need proof. And then connect the patent attorney without fear that someone who sees the blueprints will appropriate them. As for software, blueprints, design - copyright is a great solution because you make changes faster than the patent office submit these changes.

What shall I get after registration?

After registration, you will receive a certificate of registration as a digital copy and also can obtain a hard copy at demonstration purpose for extra fee. You can safely apply this certificate to the contract as a confirmation of what you have done, send it to a web administrator to block piracy and reveal it to the court in order to prove your rights or protect yourself from unreasonable claims.

Why can't I just send myself an email to get the same result?

Actually you can do this and some people does just like that. Just make sure that you save your asset, and you still need to prove your right, so you should take a screenshot and assure it, in some countries a notary license is required. In addition, it will require you to show the contents of your work to many people. Perhaps this is not what you want. Getting a copyright certificate frees you from paper on snapshot routine as well as from storing files. So you can just send a link to your contractor to demonstrate your asset without taking risks.

In what countries it is applicable?

In all countries that signed the Berne Convention, this is almost all countries except Angola, Afghanistan, East Timor, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Kiribati, Taiwan, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Tuvalu, Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia.

How can you operate if every country has individual law regulation?

Each country has its own laws, but international law gives us the opportunity to work around the world. We give a predictable result, which is based on international law, the Berne Convention, articles 4 and 6, as well as the Uncitral model law, which has been working for more than 100 years, so lawyers also use our service. We do not replace either a lawyer or a patent attorney and you will definitely need the help of a specialist for legal work. All we do is draw up evidence of copyright.

Shall I register at the US Congress Library in addition to obtain protection in the USA?

The United States has ratified the Berne Convention, so this is not mandatory. The Library of Congress is a repository, a registry that provides registration services. Therefore, you can choose what is convenient for you and get the same result.

Do I need a hard copy or just a digital one?

A digital certificate will be perfectly fine and sufficient to work, as you can save it as the electronic file or print. It is always available in your personal account. Of course, if you want to hang a certificate of authorship of your expert methodology on the wall, it is better to order a hard copy. It is performed on paper with holographic protection and emphasizes the prestige of its owner.

For how long do you store certificates of registration?

We keep evidence for 70 years. By proof we mean a security document and a file if we keep it with us and a link to the repository that you have. In court, we provide a security document with a file or a link to the repository. A link to the repository is used by an expert organization during the examination of authorship.

What if service terminates support in my country?

In this case, we transfer data and information about the registration certificates to the organization, responsible for collective copyright management and state patent office, as well we give documents and files to the direct owners and representatives of organizations. Therefore, our obligations will be fulfilled in any case, regardless of external events.

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